Agriculture in the Cairngorms National Park

The Cairngorms National Park is made up of a lot of farmland and Agriculture is important to the economy.  There are many different types of working farms with cattle, deer and sheep as well as vegetable and cereal production.  Land Management is also very important to the Cairngorms National Park.

1. Highland Forestry, Matthew O'Brien Forestry Services

46, Ellanwood Road,CarrbridgeT. +44 (0) 1479 841743

2. Northern Green

The Farm Flat,Inshriach Farm,AviemoreT. +44 (0) 1540 651359

3. Balliefurth Farm - Cattle Farmers

Balliefurth Farm,Grantown on SpeyT. 01479 821636

4. Auchterblair Farm

Carr Road,CarrbridgeT. 01479 841221

5. Tomdhu Farm

Tomdhu Farm,Boat of GartenT. 01479 821661

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