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Iron John

Award-winning travelling theatre company Nicole & Martin criss-cross the continent living in wooden caravans, pitching their beautiful White Tent, and telling magical tales by Grimm. The young prince frees the greatly-feared Iron John from the cage where he is kept, although it is strictly forbidden, and follows him home to his dangerous swamp. Due to the fact that he follows of his own free will the prince is not sucked into the swamp like those before him. Instead, he is initiated by Iron John into the mysteries of life. The savage turns into the wise master. The prince however fails to complete the task he is given by his master and so must return to the world. On reaching a foreign royal court, he is unable to make himself known as a prince, or to speak of his experiences, and so he lives as a recluse. Only the princess is able to recognize his true royal qualities and sees him as himself, irrespective of his origin. She puts him to the test.

£10.50 to £16.00

Event will be held on:


Start: 3:00pm
Finish: 4:10pm

Contact Details:

Macdonald Aviemore Resort
PH22 1PN
tel: 01463234234
web: Website