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Cairngorm Ski Club Snowsports Equipment Sale

The annual Cairngorm Ski Club Snowsports Equipment Sale offers snowsports fans an excellent opportunity to buy and sell second hand and new ski and snowboard equipment and clothing. Here you can find a wide range of competitively priced equipment to suit all budgets. Goods can be closely inspected and boots tried for fit with ski club members and coaches are available for advice.

We do not accept for sale old skinny skis, boots with obviously heavily worn toe and heel pieces nor skis with obviously broken edges, unrepaired full thickness base damage or very loose bindings. The sale, run entirely by volunteers, is on Saturday 10th November 2018 at Dalfaber Golf and Country Club, Aviemore PH22 1ST.


The sale takes place between 3:30pm and 5:30pm and a queue develops before doors open at 3:30pm. Entrance is 50 pence per adult and children are free.There is an opportunity to closely inspect goods but please do not hoard items you do not intend to buy. Ski Club members will be available for advice. Payment is by cash or cheque only. In the past there has been a large queue to pay but an increased number of sales desks now means the queue moves quickly.


You can sell second hand and new ski and snowboard equipment and clothing and some try their luck with other outdoor gear. When deciding what to sell it’s worth asking yourself, “Would I buy this?” It’s not the Antique Road Show! Everyone who wishes to mount a pair of old skinny skis on a bar or bedroom wall already seems to have a pair, therefore we don't accept 'old skinny' skis. We also won't accept boots with obviously heavily worn toe and heel pieces nor skis with obviously broken edges, unrepaired full thickness base damage or obviously very loose bindings, and a club member will quickly check equipment at check in. Other than these restrictions you can try your hand at selling anything as long as you pick it up if it’s not sold. If you are intending to sell more than 80 items please contact John, the organiser, by email (, to discuss in advance, otherwise we can't guarantee to accept all the items on the day. Goods for sale should be dropped in between 9 am and 1:30 pm. Items are detailed, listed and tagged then placed on the sale floor by helpers. It costs £3.00 to enter each 20 items or less. The minimum price for goods is £6, less than this and we'll accept the item as a donation.

Between 7:15 and 8:30 pm sellers can pick up their unsold items and collect their money. Changes introduced recently should ensure payout is quicker than before, and on arrival sellers will be given a list of their sold and unsold goods. Unsold items not picked up will be disposed of. 15% of sale price is retained by Cairngorm Ski Club to cover the cost of the sale and subsidise the club’s ski training programme.

Sellers can choose not to attend payout but have a cheque sent to them or a bank transfer for items sold provided they are happy to donate unsold items to Cairngorm Ski Club.


The club accepts donations of ski or snowboard equipment or clothing. These should be handed in between 9am and 1:30 pm. Donations are sold with all proceeds going to the club and if donations do not sell the club disposes of them. We reserve the right to decline donations we think are very unlikely to sell but will accept almost any equipment.

50 pence entrance to sale for adults,free for children. Sellers pay 15% of sales to club which is used to support our ski racing and freestyle training programmes

Event will be held on:


Start: Goods-in 9am,Sale 3:30pm,Payout 7:15pm
Finish: Goods-in 1:30pm,Sale 5:30pm,Payout 8:30pm

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Dalfaber Golf and Country Club
PH22 1ST
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