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Thunder in the Glens

Thunder in the Glens has become one of the major events in the UK for Harley-Davidson fans, with people travelling from all over the world to enjoy the 2-day event. With 3,000 bikers registering for the gathering in 2010 it is now officially the largest Harley Davidson rally in the UK with an ever growing number of loyal fans. This world famous event has built up a great reputation amongst Harley fans and visitors to the event are rewarded with a fantastic programme of events throughout the weekend. Enjoy the thrill of riding through the scenic mountains and glens, experience world famous Scottish hospitality and a party to end all parties.

Spectators - Free If you want to join in the rally pre-registration is now open please visit - Prices range from £33-£40 depending on how you want to pay

Event will be held on:
22 August 2014
23 August 2014
24 August 2014
25 August 2014

Contact Details:

PH22 1PF
tel: 01875 610344
web: Website

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